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    Many of you that know me may be wondering how did I get here?

  • My Spiritual Journey

    > Charon Collier Called by Spirit

    I like to say I was recruited by spirit to work side by side with them to help others. The spirit world is in constant communication with us. They want to help us, we are not alone.


    However, there are times in our lives when we are not readily available to receive these divine messages. Sometimes we are unable to hear, see, or feel the guidance that is being given to us.


    As for my journey in 2009, I was in a very peaceful place in my life. I wanted to make some changes for the good. I guess you could call it right some of my wrongs. It was at this time that I took extra time to stay in constant prayer and communication with God and spirit.


    I began to ask what do I need to do? What is my divine purpose? Why am I here?


    The answer to these questions popped into to my head like a flashing thought "Hospice". I started to think this had to be wrong. I don't want to be around death. I didn't have any desire to work in this field.

  • I actually always had a fear of death. However, this was before I realized there is no real death. Either way, I would have never imagined myself in a career that had anything to do with hospice, there must be a mistake.


    I had no idea at the time, but my path had been laid out for me like a GPS in a car. No, there was no mistake it was true!


    Eventually, I began to see, feel, and hear signs from spirit so, I began to follow.

    The signs were so clear that I knew that I was being led by the divine. I knew that all I needed to do was just trust and follow my spiritual guidance.


    At first, its not always easy to trust in something you cannot see, but I could hear the communication it was very clear. Also, I could see the repetitiveness of spiritual signs, they had become extremely hard to ignore or dismiss as a mere coincidence.


    It was soon after this, I had started to trust my intuition, trust what was given and being shown to me.


    The more I began to trust, the more the path became clearer. The more I let go and trusted in God's plan for my life, the better my life became. I was assured his plan was much greater than any plan I could have come up with, and it would be filled with passion, as I devoted my life to being of spiritual service to others.


    Interestingly enough, and to my surprise I fell in love with hospice work. It was my love and passion for hospice and wanting to do more for the patients that led me to massage therapy and to working with spirit.


    This is just the beginning, I will be sharing much more about my journey with spirit!


    Thank you for stopping by my page!


    Charon Collier

    Spiritual Intuitive & Healer, CMT

  • "My passion is being of assistance"

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  • Spiritual Counseling, Guidance & Life Coaching

    & Spiritual Coaching & Sports Massage

    Certified Angel Intuitive-Life Coach

    "Research suggests that including spiritual beliefs in therapy assists in the process of healing"

    As your Angel Intuitive, it is my goal to assist you on your journey. I am dedicated to helping others find peace within themselves, discover their true authentic self and find their purpose, just as I did with the help of spirit.


    I work closely with the Angelic Realm to assist others with accurately hearing their messages for you. Angels are heavenly messengers and gifts to us from God. They are ready to assist us when we need them. All we have to do is ask for their assistance.

    Angels respect the fact that we have free will, so they do not interfere or intervene unless there's an emergency.

    Your Angels are with you right now. Have you asked your Angels for help lately?


    Angel Intuitive -Angel Card Reader


    Body, Mind & Spiritual Balance for the Athlete

    In 2016, I was invited to the Decaman Ultra Triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland. I had no idea what to expect from 10 Days and 10 Ironman's. I had no idea what to expect from an athlete or from myself as a therapist, in fact was a very spiritual experience.


    " An Athletes Journey is a Spiritual Journey"

    "You hold the power of the universe inside of you"

    "It's time to awaken to awaken your greatness"

    "The journey is about remembering who you are"

    ~charon collier


    There is a transformational process that one must go through mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There is a spiritual evolution that takes place. One which starts with having a dream to achieving that dream.


    You have to be spiritually aware, balanced, and awaken to the greatness within you!


    Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner

    Ingenious Touch Therapy

    Professional Massage Therapy Services in Healthcare

    Encourages Peace of Mind, Relaxation of the Body, and Calming of the Spirit

    Ingenious Touch Therapy, was born from my love and passion for hospice. It is a labor of love, a huge part of my divine purpose is to be with others during their transition.


    Spiritually assisting those who are on their journey home by validating that while the physical body is gone, yet the spirit is eternal. "There is no true death, it is all just an illusion."


    Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner


    Spiritual Closets

    Conscious and symbolic, merchandise & apparel

    Our Spirituality causes us to look inward towards our true authentic self. The journey home to our spiritual self, frees us from the illusions of the ego.


    Spiritual Me.....I'm out the Closet, I'm Spiritually Free!

    Are you in the closet?


    Spiritual Closets Merchandise & Apparel consists of spiritual quotes that are near and dear to my heart. They make perfect gift items to remind us of our spiritual self.

  • Testimonials

    Here's what others have to say about their experience with Charon Collier:

    Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching

    Angel Intuitive-Angel Card Reading 2015

    "Charon's Angel Card Reading helped me gain so much clarity about the direction my life was going.


    I was able to get a better outlook on what's to come and the true direction I wanted to go in my life.


    I was surprised by the level of accuracy in her reading."




    University of California, Los Angeles





    Spiritual Coaching & Sports Massage

    Decaman Ultra Triathlon 2016 -Zurich Switzerland

    "It was a great racing experience having Charon as my massage therapist during my recent Ultra Triathlon Decaman Race (10 ironman in 10 consecutive days) in Switzerland 2016. Of all the massage therapists who I know in Los Angeles, I’m so happy that I picked her. She acted not just as a therapist but more of a part of my family. She cared and put more than enough that I expected from a massage therapist. In fact, she helped out in packing and/or unpacking team’s baggage (I had a total of 5 large baggage's plus my bike case), cooked a dish for the team, shared her grocery foods, was a moral support and paced me during my run for several days. As a massage therapist, she gave me really good deep tissue massage prior my 10 consecutive race days, during the race and whenever I asked or needed it, even after midnight. She was very good in releasing the tension and knots of my tight muscles that allowed me to race for at least 15 hours everyday for consecutive days. Besides massage, she also has Reiki knowledge and experience in which she also used to relax and keep me balanced prior to the races. With her body building background and experience, she understands me as an athlete, particularly in tapping the mental work and pushing through during the race. She was straightforward, honest, funny and very good in making conversation. I’d definitely recommend her. She’s awesome!"


    Shangrila Rendon

    Ultra Triathlete

    Guinness World Record Holder


    Spiritual Healing & Hospice Massage

    Hospice Patient - June 2013

    "To whom it may concern:


    "Charon has been here two times now to give me a massage and after each massage I have felt so relaxed. I think it's even helped my breathing.

    I hope this program will be more readily available to others in the hospice program."


    Hospice Patient
    University of California, Davis Hospice